Automatad’s Header Bidding Solution boosts sales

Programmatic is the future of digital advertising, and header bidding technology is one of the many ways in which publishers can drive maximum revenue from their ad inventory.

With Automatad’s header bidding technology, it is easier to run pre-bid auctions. Now publishers can offer inventory to all demand partners at the same time, allowing them to compete for available impressions on equal footing. When publishers simultaneously offer inventory to as many ad buyers as possible, they significantly increase the bidding competition on the per-impression basis, escalating prices and generating a higher yield.

Automatad’s header bidding solution flattens the publisher’s waterfall, adding a true liquidity for every single impression. All operations move off the user’s browser to the Automatad’s remote server, significantly eliminating latency issues and passbacks. With horizontal, equal flow, publishers can fill their high-value digital inventory with the largest gain from the high programmatic demand.

Header Bidding

Our header bidding technology helps publishers amplify sales efforts for exceptional revenue generation. Seamless integration along with smooth setup allows publishers to start using Automatad’s Header Bidder® right away. Connect to the most powerful programmatic marketplace, and experience dynamic bids and remarkable competition from global brands to win impressions. Automatad’s allow others to get to know the real value of audiences.

Advanced Analytics

When using Automatad’s Header Bidder®, publishers get access to in-depth, centralized reporting that provides details of the sales across all header-bidding integrations in the system. Advanced analytics give publishers more insight into the bid dynamics, latency speed and partner performance metrics. Use reports to customize sales strategy to boost advertising income even further.

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