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Tap into exclusive demand that comes through Automatad’s demand partnerships. Connect with 50+ SSPs and DSP connections and a steady stream of high-quality advertisers.
Simple, fast, and easy integration.

Support for all ad sizes and formats, including display, native, instream, and outstream video. Get one monthly payment for all your advertising in a convenient format and currency.

Boost Revenue and Performance With a Unified Auction

Run a unified auction combining Amazon’s TAM, Open Bidding, and Prebid Client-side and Server-side (S2S) bidding. Improve fill rates, CPMs, and bid density by combining everything under a single platform.

Decrease latency with a single call to a server-side auction where all bidders compete equally. Increase visibility into performance and derive meaningful insights that contribute to a revenue uplift.

Transparent Services and Custom Yield Solutions

Access data-driven account management support and custom engineered solutions. Stay connected with an account manager to find solutions for adops queries.

Get advice on innovative monetization strategies and keep yourself updated with the latest industry trends. Get dedicated support to improve core web vitals, ad viewability, page RPM, ad CTR, and video completion rates.

Google Multiple Customer Management (MCM) Program Partner

Automatad has been hand-picked by Google for its track record of helping publishers succeed, using cutting-edge technology, dedicated adops expertise, and other value-added services.

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