Active Exposure Time

Incremental Ad revenue with the same traffic and ad units!
Active Exposure Time

Refresh ads with higher viewability and engagement

‘AXT’ measures your web pages in real time to identify and replace high-viewable ads after 25 seconds with a new ad, provided buy side-tested viewability and active engagement thresholds are met.

How it works?

  • Once the ad is served to a user, our platform monitors and calculates Active Exposure Time (AXT) for that particular user. Active Exposure Time measures the amount of time user spend engaging on a page while an ad is in view.
  • Once the AXT hits 25 seconds, a new ad will be served in the same unit without any delay. Then, the 2nd impression is counted and AXT will be started again. The cycle continues until the user leaves the page.
  • More Impressions, more revenue.


  • Scanning and Identification. Once you’re in, we scan and identify the ad units to run AXT with.
  • Integration - We construct a line of JS which goes into your header to kickstart the process.
  • Optimization - Once the AXT starts, our platform optimizes for everything, starting from network, latency, time out for bidder partners and even dynamic floor set up to make sure your impressions earn the maximum possible yield.

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