All-in-One Revenue
Optimization Platform

Unlock your revenue potential with a platform designed to simplify ad monetization. We focus on maximizing your revenue per session by optimizing your inventory while balancing user experience.

Unlock Higher Ad Revenue with High-Quality Ad Inventory

Ad Layout Optimization

Balance user experience and revenue with dynamic ad layouts and formats optimized through real-time data and multivariate testing.

Dynamic Ad Insertion

Captivate readers with fast-loading ads placed strategically based on the user’s scroll behavior.

Ad Block Recovery

Retrieve revenue from users who have blocked ads and maintain a safe browsing environment.

Innovative Ad Refresh

Generate incremental revenue by dynamically refreshing ads and serving new ones based on user engagement and in-view time of the ads.

AMP Monetization

Optimize mobile ads with AMP server-side demand solution, achieving 5x speed and enhanced revenue efficiency.

Video Ads

Transform non-video pages into revenue streams with a comprehensive video monetization solution.

Maximize Competition and Demand for Your Ad Inventory

Unified Auction & Global Demand

Purpose-built header bidding wrapper solution designed to drive price competition, improve ad quality and yield. Access to 50K advertisers through Tier 1 exchanges and DSPs.

Custom UPR and Dynamic Floor Pricing

Utilize our custom UPR framework and the power of machine learning to set dynamic floor prices and improve yield.

Real-Time Unified Analytics

Track and optimize key performance indicators with real-time analytics, fine-tuning ad strategies for optimal results.

Maximize Competition and Demand for Your Ad Inventory

Improve Addressability without Compromising User Privacy

Cookieless Inventory Optimization

Drive higher demand in a cookieless environment.

Prebid ID Module Management

Generate Higher CPMs by adding consent-based IDs to ad requests.

Contextual Signal Enhancement

Improve ad relevance & enhance yield by appending contextual signals to your ad requests.

Flexible Solutions

Full Service

Leave everything to us. From Google Ad Manager (GAM) to demand management, we’ve got it covered. Plus, you’ll have GAM access for easy campaign control.

Shared Responsibility

Want to keep using your GAM account? No problem. Let Automatad take care of the rest, including creating line items and offering hassle-free automated reports.

Self-Service Support

Take control by bringing your own demand. With Automatad’s sleek tools, advanced analytics, reliable support, and strategic guidance, you’re never alone on your journey.

Optimize Yield, Maximize Performance

Choosing Automatad means unlocking the power of expert-driven strategies, data intelligence, and advanced machine learning tools – all working together to help you optimize ad yield and maximize performance.

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Team Expertise

Our dedicated team creates tailored strategies to optimize your ad yield because we understand that every publisher’s goal is unique and deserves a personalized approach.

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Data Intelligence

We harness a multitude of real-time data streams to guide our decision-making processes, ensuring every step we take is rooted in data and directed toward your growth.

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Predictive Power

Our machine learning algorithms analyze billions of anonymized data points, forecasting optimal outcomes and giving you an edge in an ever-competitive digital landscape.

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boost your ad

Optimize your inventory and maximize your revenue with our all-in-one solution. Get in touch with our team for a free consultation.

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