Ad Management

A one-stop solution that maximizes your revenue and minimizes your effort.

The Ad Management Advantage

Unleash the full potential of your ad inventory with our unique offering that integrates advanced features designed to optimize ad performance, increase revenue, and deliver full transparency.

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Privacy-Complaint Services

We optimize ad performance without relying on cookies. Our advanced technologies and strategic methods help you effectively monetize your inventory while respecting user privacy. Our ID module and non-consent-based ID partnerships provide solutions to addressability concerns, enabling advertisers to identify users and drive CPMs.

Unique Global Demand

Leverage our global network of exchanges, 30+ demand partners, and ad networks. More competition equals better bids, and that means maximized revenue for you. With us, your inventory never undersells.

Comprehensive Analytics

Our unified dashboard presents a 360° view of your site's performance, combining content, revenue, and bidder analytics. When paired with our human and machine learning optimization strategies, you have the power to make data-driven decisions every time.

Quality Ads, Guaranteed

We fortify your ad delivery system with strategic alliances with leading vendors specializing in preventing malware and ad hijackers. This further ensures that only high-quality and relevant ads are served on your website - a win-win for you and your users.

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User-Friendly Ad Integration

We are your one-stop-shop for all ad formats right from Display, Native, In-Stream, and Outstream Video Ads to custom ad formats including Rich Media. Our custom ad layouts, in-view-based smart ad refresh, and faster-loading ads keep your user engaged. And with server-side auctions, your site's performance is never compromised.

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Conquer Ad Blockers

We never let ad blockers dampen your earnings. Our partnership with top-tier vendors helps us to recover and monetize users with ad blockers enabled, ensuring no opportunities for revenue are missed.

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Maximized Ad Revenue

We don’t bring fragmented demand but unify them all. Our header bidding solution facilitates a unified auction combining Amazon TAM, Google OB, and Prebid, bringing transparency and increased competition for your ad inventory.

Fast, Flexible Payouts

Enjoy our hassle-free NET 30 payout system and choose from various payment methods. Plus, stay updated on ad-tech trends with our industry insights, supporting your business growth in all aspects.

We are a Google Certified Publishing Partner

As per Google -

“The Certified Publishing Partners badge lets you know you’re working with someone who has been carefully vetted by Google. Not only have they passed Google’s product certification exams, but they’ve also established a successful track record of helping publishers like you succeed.”

Google Certified Publishing Partner

We Don't
Just Implement

We Innovate

Our strategies go beyond the standard. With custom ad formats, advanced optimization, and proprietary UPR frameworks, we bring innovation to your ad management.

Optimize Yield,
Maximize Performance

Choosing Automatad means unlocking the power of expert-driven strategies, data intelligence, and advanced machine learning tools – all working together to help you optimize ad yield and maximize performance.

Team Expertise

Our dedicated team creates tailored strategies to optimize your ad yield because we understand that every publisher’s goal is unique and deserves a personalized approach.

Data Intelligence

We harness a multitude of real-time data streams to guide our decision-making processes, ensuring every step we take is rooted in data and directed toward your growth.

Predictive Power

Our machine learning algorithms analyze billions of anonymized data points, forecasting optimal outcomes and giving you an edge in an ever-competitive digital landscape.

Ready to
boost your ad

Optimize your inventory and maximize your revenue with our all-in-one solution. Get in touch with our team for a free consultation.

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