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Header Bidding Adapter For Publishers

AutomatadX is a Prebid Header Bidding Adapter which can open up your inventory to some of the World’s largest Ad Exchanges and DSPs to boost CPM, once integrated with your Header Bidding Setup.

You can integrate it in minutes, without any developer support. Also, our dedicated technical support team will guide through each step until the end.

Why You Need Our Prebid Adapter?



As you’re getting bids from our premium demand sources, your readers will be served with quality Ads, every time. This, in turn, lets you deliver the best user experience for the readers while improving your Ad revenue.


Setup and Optimization

Our technical team will help you with the complete setup and customization process. In addition, our Ad Ops experts will work to optimize it for the maximum yield and ensure the increase in Ad revenue from day one.


High Revenue

Our premium demand sources bid to win your impression proactively, which leads to increased competition and ultimately, higher CPM. You can interpret the true and current value of your impressions in the market.

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