How a National News Publisher Increased its Ad Revenue by 40% with Automatad?

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    As a publisher, you need to see how we actually work to predict how we can impact your bottom line. We hear you.
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      Assessing Problems

      The publisher reached out to us with a set of challenging problems and scenarios that should be sorted.

    • 2
      Determining the Right Products

      While we have a suite of products to maximize ad revenue, our team had to tailor the approach to address the challenges.

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      Setup and Analytics

      With tens of millions of readers, we had to ensure optimal page load speed and maximum revenue as well. Let's see how we set it up for success.

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      We didn't stop there. You will see how we went above and beyond to exceed expectations.

    What's inside


    The Hindu is one of the pioneers of the online newspaper industry. They started out as a weekly newspaper in 1878 and were the first to launch a digital newspaper in India in 1995. The publisher attracts around 37 million unique readers per month with its content.

    The Hindu has close to 12 million followers across the social media platforms and its print newspaper has been read by more than half a million people across India.

    When it comes to monetization, The Hindu ( was using Google Ad Manager (GAM) to sell its inventories via a waterfall setup. The direct deals from the publisher’s sales team will fill up the impressions and then the rest will be offered to Google Ad Exchange (AdX), AdSense, and other networks in a cascade.

    We optimized the yield and increased the served ad impression and revenue with the implementation of our products.

    Our Approach

    Unlike other monetization partners, we at Automatad, believe the first and foremost job is to help publishers realize the true value of their impressions in the market. We discussed the priorities and ended up with a list of challenges that the publisher would like to solve with Automatad.

      Using the right expertise and technology to ramp up the programmatic advertising wing.
      Effectively monetizing pages based on user engagement and content.
      Increasing the volume of ad impressions without hampering the user experience.
      Accessing bidder partners’ performance data to derive insights and optimize the ad stack.

    Challenge: Maximizing CPM and Ad Revenue

    With the waterfall setup and a handful of ad networks, the publisher was getting sub-par CPMs. Besides, ad networks typically have a hefty take rate (from 30 to 50 percent) and programmatic revenue stayed moderate (and flat). The publisher wanted access to more (and better) demand and an unbiased technology to rid of waterfall.

    Who's the publisher?

    The Hindu is one of the largest media groups of India. It owns several online brands including The Hindu is one of the top online media outlets in India covering news extensively. The publisher sent out hundreds of articles every day and employs thousands of journalists and engineers.

    Did the publisher have any experience with other partners?

    No, we are the first header bidding partner and we continue to be the one till today.

    How long it took for the publisher to experience the result?

    The publisher started to see the results within a month of product deployment.

    What's the payment term?

    NET 60.

    What's the impact on eCPM?

    Publisher’s eCPM and ad revenue increased by 33% and 40% respectively. But that’s not all. Download the case study to get the complete picture.

    Can I expect the same results?

    Of course, it depends on a lot more factors. Reach out to us now.

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