How a Movie-ranking Site Increased its Ad Revenue by 267% with Active Exposure Time (AXT)?

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      Assessing Problems

      Even with the engaged audience, the publisher wasn't able to get the best eCPM and overall revenue. So, we started to look into the problem.

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      Determining the Right Products

      They did take the right approach. Rather than adding up units on the page, the publisher used ad refresh. But the viewability was very low and the user experience wasn't great either.

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      Setup and Analytics

      We decided to revamp the stack and replace the legacy ad refresh with AXT — intelligent ad refresh technology from Automatad.

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      We didn't stop there. You will see how we went above and beyond to exceed expectations.

    What's inside

    The publisher is a US-based movie-ranking and social networking site that brings together millions of users every month and enables them to discuss and discover their favorite movies. 

    11+ Years in Operation | 5Mn+ Ad Impressions per month. 

    The problem:

    As a social networking site, it managed to engage users and retain them on the site for a longer period of time. Time spent on the site is relatively higher compared to other publishers, but the revenue didn’t quite reflect the same.

    Typically, publishers serve new ads (or impressions) to the users when they generate a page view (i.e., visit a page). In this case, users tend to stay active and engaged but not generate a lot of page views. After all, the publisher isn’t a news site. It’s a place where movie goers come to discuss and discover interesting titles. So, to capitalize on user engagement and time spent, the publisher utilized a legacy ad refresh solution to deliver additional impressions with every user click. 

    But it led to a poor user experience, decreasing CPMs and viewability scores, and ultimately, ended up hurting the ad revenue.In some cases, ad viewability was lower than 51%, thus the bid prices were extremely low — even for a niche, engaged audience. 

    The Solution:

    While researching for better and more advanced solutions, the publisher found ‘AXT’. We studied the site and implemented ‘AXT’ across the site — starting from the pages and categories where users are heavily engaged. 

    Active Exposure Time (AXT) technology tracked user actions, ad viewability, and time-in-view of the ads to recreate 100% viewable and user-initiated ad impressions on the existing ad units. With AXT, the publisher increased its CPM, ad viewability, and revenue substantially — without causing a lousy user experience. 

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    Who's the publisher?

    The publisher is a US-based movie-ranking and social networking site that brings together millions of users every month and enables them to discuss and discover their favorite movies. 

    Did the publisher have any experience with other partners?

    Yes, the publisher tried ‘time-based’ refresh via Google Ad Manager before and the results were underwhelming.

    How long it took for the publisher to experience the result?

    The publisher started to see the results within two weeks of product deployment.

    What's the payment term?

    NET 60.

    What's the impact on eCPM?

    Both eCPM and ad revenue hit their all-time high values in the first two months. Noticeably, eCPM jumped by 7x. We know it’s not usual to see such a drastic impact. But in this case, before our partnership, the ad viewability was lower than 51% and occasionally crossed the mark. So, bid prices were extremely low.

    With AXT, we increased it to 70%+ in the first month itself, hence the substantial increase in eCPM.

    Can I expect the same results?

    As you know, it depends on a lot more factors. Reach out to us to get an estimate.

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