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Customer Stories

Explore the case studies to understand how our products work and behind-the-scene details.
How Automatad Doubled Ad Revenue For a Niche Publisher?

How a US-based Real Estate Publisher Doubled Its Ad Revenue In Three Months With Automatad?Enter your details to receive the [...]

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Automatad Case Study
How a National News Publisher Increased its Ad Revenue With Automatad?

How a National News Publisher Increased its Ad Revenue by 40% with Automatad?Enter your details to receive the study. What [...]

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Automatad Review
How Automatad Helped A Culture and Lifestyle Publisher to Scale Up its Ad Revenue?

How Automatad Helped A Culture and Lifestyle Publisher to Scale Up Its Ad Revenue?Enter your details to receive the study. [...]

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Data and Research

Interesting perspectives and studies to answer your questions on header bidding, ad optimization, and more.
Best Ad Sizes
Best Ad Sizes for Web Publishers [Research Data]

As a publisher, you typically start with a standard set of ad sizes — regardless of the way you chose […]

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What’s the Impact of COVID-19 on eCPM?

Every publisher in the market is trying to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on its ad revenue. As a publisher-focused […]

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Google Ad Exchange eCPM
How Google Ad Exchange Performs in Both Cookie and Cookieless Environments?

As you know, Google announced that Chrome will phase out the support for third-party cookies within two years and adtech […]

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Product Insights

Discover how our products are maximizing ad revenue without hampering the user experience.
Automatad Blaze
What will be the Incremental Revenue from AXT?

Ad refresh is quite common now. In fact, Digiday says “ad refreshing is on the rise” as publishers are trying […]

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Automatad Publisher Dashboard
Feature Update: Helping Publishers to Ensure Brand Safety and Compliance

We’ve recently talked about how our platform offers an extensive set of features to let digital publishers run their ad […]

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Automatad Ad Operations
How Our Ad Ops Teams Support Publishers?

As a company that helps publishers to maximize their ad revenues — we understand the importance of ad operations. Even […]

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Inside Automatad

Automatad's news, updates, and announcements.
Automatad Publishers
What We Offer to Our Publishers?

At Automatad, we have a standard vetting process to onboard the right publishers. While we don’t restrict ourselves to a […]

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Automatad Product and Growth Roundup
Soaring High in 2019 – Automatad, Inc (Annual Roundup)

No company can afford not to move forward. It may be at the top of the heap today but at […]

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Automatad Culture
2019 Was a Year of Fun and Frolic! – Automatad Inc (Culture Roundup)

In any investment, you expect to have fun and make money.                   […]

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