How a US-based Real Estate Publisher Doubled Its Ad Revenue In Three Months With Automatad?

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As a publisher, you need to see how we work to understand how we can impact your bottom line.
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    Assessing Problems

    The publisher reached out to us with a set of challenging problems and scenarios that should be solved.

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    Determining the Right Products

    If you think, we are going to run through the products, then you are partially right. We have to figure out a lot more.

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    Setup and Analytics

    The publisher dropped three ad tech partners because of the lack of transparency. See how we stayed transparent.

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    We didn't stop there. You will see how we went above and beyond to exceed expectations.

What's inside


To hire more journalists and build an engaged audience, Jersey Digs needed to take the next step in monetization. And, that’s when Darrell Simmons, CEO of Jersey Media, Inc came across Automatad and decided to partner with us. In the first three months, with Automatad’s customized approach and exclusive programmatic products, Jersey Digs doubled its ad revenue and increased its eCPM by 2.5X. Most importantly, our ads have had a neutral to a positive impact on user engagement. Wondering how we’ve doubled the revenue while preserving the user experience? Let us explain. 

Assessing Problems

At Automatad, we meticulously study and analyze the publisher’s content and how users are engaging with it, which in turn, will help us deliver the best possible solution tailored to that particular publisher. Hence, we started listening to the publisher’s needs and crunched numbers from analytics and heatmaps to understand user behavior on site. After a quick call, both of us were able to converge on the following problems. 

Will Header Bidding Work?

As any mid-market publisher, Jersey Digs knew how to grow its traffic and attract niche audience and engage with them. The publisher understands the significance of returning visitors on its bottom line and never failed to consistently grow its organic traffic over its existence. But the publisher’s team lacked the demand to increase its ad revenue. Even with the quality content and engaged audience, the publisher found it’s hard to hit its revenue goals. The most interesting part is, Jersey Digs tried header bidding with a different partner before and to put it simply, wasn’t satisfied with the results. 

Technology to monetize the engaged audience:

Publisher lacked the technology and an experienced engineering team to try advanced techniques. Previously, Jersey Digs used Google Ad Manager to manage ad inventories, sell ads via direct deals and waterfall model. The publisher required an independent and transparent platform where it can turn the engaged audience into revenue. Users on Jersey Digs spent more than 3 minutes on average. 

Who's the publisher?

Jersey Digs is New Jersey’s go-to source for real estate and community development news. The publisher was running direct deals with local and national advertisers and sold the remnant ad impressions to ad networks via Google Ad Manager. 

Did the publisher have any experience with other partners?

Yes, the publisher worked with not one, but two ad tech partners. They’ve eventually moved to Automatad as we performed better than the rest in several aspects.

How long it took for the publisher to experience the result?

The publisher started to see the results within a month of product deployment.

What's the payment term?

NET 60.

What's the impact on eCPM?

Both eCPM and ad revenue more than doubled. But that’s not all. Download the case study to get the complete picture.

Can I expect the same results?

Of course, it depends on a lot more factors. Reach out to us to get an estimate.

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