Header Bidding CPM – Across the Verticals

Any publisher who put ads on its website – will always have two questions. The first one is, what is the best technique for me to monetize? And, the second one is, how to deliver a better user experience while running enough ads? After all, you don’t want to run ads and then find out it’s driving your users away. 

At first, the questions may seem trivial. But are they? We’ll publish two studies to answer both questions. In this piece, we’ll try to get an answer to the first question – What’s the best technique to monetize your website?

Shall we begin?

The best technique to monetize your site

Let’s consider the first question – what’s the best technique to monetize your site? If you’re a mid-sized or a premium publisher, you’re probably searching for a programmatic monetization partner. We know AdSense isn’t enough and fill rate still struggles to stay above 80 percent consistently. 

According to the AdZerk report, close to 80 percent of the top 1000 Alexa publishers run header bidding. Though that itself is enough, we’ll show you real data from real publishers who have implemented header bidding and seen an increase. Note that the data is from the publishers we work with. 

Methodology: We’ve aggregated the data from our network and will share it on a niche-to-niche basis. Specifically, we analyzed a billion ad impressions (1.015 billion) from our network — over a period of three months (Q4 2019) to see the eCPM range ($) of a particular niche. Because ideally, you want to know if header bidding works for your site, not if it worked for a top publisher. The best way to relate is to see how it’s performing in your niche. 

For instance, if you own a tech site, you can see how tech sites have earned once they implemented header bidding. As you have more or less the same content (contextually) and likely to attract users with the same interest, it makes sense to predict your revenue – out of it. Though it isn’t going to be accurate, it’s good enough to give you an estimate. 

Sidenote: Geo plays a very important role in revenue and eCPM. So, it is important to compare the niche data of the sites having traffic (or a majority of traffic) from the same country as yours. For instance, if you run a business site with the majority of traffic from U.S, you should see the eCPM range for U.S sites. 


From this data, you can derive a couple of interesting inferences:

– What are the niches that typically earn well via header bidding?

– Difference between the eCPM for users from U.S. and India and where it extends and where it contracts. For example, the eCPM gap in the Business niche is greater than that of Education.

– What’s the eCPM of a specific niche and how far it is from the niche you’re focusing on.

So, what do you think? Are you earning up to your potential or is there any room for improvement? Let us know in the comments.

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