Maximize Your Ad Revenue With Automatad’s Programmatic Monetization Platform

Partner with an industry leader in cutting-edge ad technology and revenue operations, bringing together unique demand and dedicated adops expertise to improve your website’s monetization.

Boost Revenue and Performance With a Unified Header Bidding Auction

Run a unified auction combining Amazon’s TAM, Open Bidding, and Prebid Client-side and Server-side (S2S) bidding. Improve fill rates, CPMs, and bid density by combining everything under a single platform.

Ad Refresh

Maximize your revenue per session by increasing the number of viewable ad impressions—without disrupting the UX. Active Exposure Time, an ad refresh solution, enables you to replace high-viewable ads after 25 seconds with a new ad if the old ad meets viewability and active engagement thresholds.

AMP Monetization Suite

Generate ad revenue from your AMP traffic. Get more demand partners for your AMP ad inventory with server-side header bidding. Make them compete and serve the ads from the highest bidder.

Google Ad Exchange Demand

Get global access to premium buyers with a Google Ad Exchange account. Intensify competition through header bidding and increase your CPMs for ad impressions by 30%.

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    Run Any Format. Get the Best Possible Price

    Higher ad revenue

    Higher Ad Revenue

    From header bidding to intelligent ad refresh, you can access and experiment with new products & features to maximize your ad revenue substantially.

    multiple formats

    Multiple Formats

    You can run any ad formats — from
    the display and native to instream and outstream video, monetize your website traffic, and get the highest possible eCPM with our unified auction suite.

    on time payments

    On-time Payments

    We collect, reconcile, and deliver the payment straight to your account. No hassle. You get paid on time, every time.

    How Did a Parenting and Health Publisher Increase Their Ad Revenue by 57%?

    “Automatad’s products and ad ops team rebuilt our ad stack and optimized the setup in a way that helps us to get the maximum revenue without hampering the user experience.

    We were able to finally focus on content and traffic as Automatad ensures there’s a consistent growth in revenue month-over-month.”



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    Who is eligible for our monetization services?

    Publishers may be eligible to join Automatad if the website’s content is original and has at least 500,000 page views per month. We work with publishers primarily from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, and India. We don’t provide services for mobile app publishers or YouTube publishers.

    Do publishers need to sign any lock-in contracts?

    No, not at all. While we know many monetization providers ask publishers to sign lock in contracts, we believe that publishers should have the flexibility to make the best decisions to grow their revenues — at any time. You can get started without signing any lock-in contract and opt out by simply giving a notice period.

    What are the SSPs publishers can connect with?

    We help publishers connect with major demand partners, including Google Ad Exchange, Amazon, Xandr, OpenX, Pubmatic, Magnite, Sharethrough, Criteo, Sovrn, 33Across, Pulsepoint, Verizon Media, GumGum, Synacor Media, Epsilon, and 40+ other SSPs and exchanges.

    What metrics can publishers track in Automatad’s reporting dashboard?

    Our reporting dashboard is an all-in-one analytics tool that helps publishers understand the historical and current performance of demand partners, as well as key performance indicators such as eCPMs, CTRs, ad viewability, total ad revenue, and more based on devices and geographies.