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Our platform and services have helped hundreds of independent media publishers to effectively monetize their sites and hit their revenue targets consistently.
Ben Carney

Serious About Rugby League.

Automatad helped us realise our potential by maximising ad placements and revenue, while ensuring the layout of the website remained aesthetically pleasing. The knowledge of their workforce and the quality of their ads has taken our business to a whole new level.
Nathan Chase

Co-founder, Flickchart.

Beyond access to top-tier bidding partners, Automatad helped us rethink our ad placements, offered us ad layout flexibility and customization, were cognizant of our unique site mechanic requirements, and helped to increase our ad revenue over 100%.
Garrell Simmons

CEO of Jersey Media, Inc.

We’ve worked with Automatad for almost a year now and after cycling through three other ad partners in under 2 years, I’m glad we found Automatad. Their technology is fast, light-weight, and transparent. While many ad partners offer only blackbox insights and analytics, Automatad’s technology provides detailed transparency so we can better understand out earnings. The team is continually improving their technology stack, which is imperative in the adops business.