Have substantial traffic and ad revenue but struggling to grow
or keep up with the latest adtech trends?


Running out of resources while also trying to innovate and scale a profitable business can make it hard to find incremental revenue opportunities.

website monetization

Our full-stack website monetization solution combines cutting-edge ad technologies and unique demand sources to give you the growth you need.

Benefit from tailored ad optimization solutions to help you create a top-of-mind brand experience, supported by end-to-end ad management services from deep domain specialists.

Bring Unique Demand With an Innovative AdTech Stack and Partnerships

Combine our state-of-the-art adtech and unique demand partnerships. Connect with premium advertisers you can’t reach with your primary media mix and enhance your ad revenue.

Built on top of the latest Prebid open-source technology, our header bidding wrapper provides access to a larger pool of programmatic demand with better bid rates and win rates. Drive higher competition for your ad inventories and earn higher CPMs, while controlling ad creatives and bid prices.
Bring more demand for AMP ad units and grow your revenues with a server-side implementation of a Prebid wrapper. Run header bidding in combination with any demand source including Google AdX. Get the most out of your mobile traffic with increased competition, better yield management, and control.
We have no internal marketplace and are not affiliated with any particular ad network. We have only one goal: to help our publishing partners earn more revenue. So you can be confident that you’re earning the most money you can from each and every impression.
As a publisher, you can bring your own demand sources or plug our demand, or do both. This flexibility enables you to operate freely as we act as an extension of your team.

Accelerate Revenue Growth With Yield Optimization

Achieving the highest potential from your ad tech stack is a difficult undertaking. Seize revenue opportunities by seamlessly integrating our smart ad optimization solutions.

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Reduced Page Latency

Load ads when they are needed on a page. Take advantage of our edge computing technology and server-to-server architecture to reduce page latency and improve Core Web Vitals. Get better viewability, minimal ad blocking, and higher RPMs.


Optimized Price Floors

Find the perfect balance between selling inventory and maximizing your CPMs. Employ dynamic price floors and raise or lower the price based on the demand for each ad unit. Adjust your CPMs and ensure your inventories fill up with high-quality ads.

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Smart Ad Refresh Solution

Refresh ad units that perform well with new ads while maintaining industry standards for viewability and active engagement benchmarks. Increase the number of ad impressions and revenue per session without adding new ad units and reloading the page.


Balance User Experience and Revenue

Deliver ads that don’t hamper the user experience, and prevent a drop in traffic. Ensure that ad revenue stays high, and your advertisers still get a great ROI—no more intrusive ads.

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Diversified Ad Formats

Give your advertisers more choices over which types of ads they want to run on your site. Drive increased engagement for your audience with ad formats like in-stream, out-stream, sticky, and native. Improve ad CTRs, enhance your revenue streams, and reduce ad clutter.

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Protection Against Malware

Automatad is a member of the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG). We use the latest technologies to detect and block malware, redirects, and potentially unwanted ads from low-quality buyers. Keep your ad revenues high without worrying about ads that can impair your brand reputation.

Transparent and Expert End-to-End Support for Ad Operations

Running and optimizing your ad operations is challenging as you need to be constantly updated with the latest in adtech and acquire hard-to-learn skills and techniques. Get rid of growing headaches with simplicity in yield management with our tailored services.


Dedicated Account Manager

We’ll get you up and running with a dedicated account manager who will focus on optimizing everything around ads – trafficking, creatives, performance, and optimization, so you may focus on what matters most – creating great content and engaging audiences.

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Data-driven Ad Solutions

A fully integrated, data-driven advertising platform that delivers actionable end-to-end solutions. You can have it all: transparency, control, and creativity, plus the ability to learn from every user touchpoint and maximize impact.

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Why Choose Automatad

Privacy-compliant Ad Solutions

Our commitment to providing secure ad solutions to our publishers extends beyond just privacy compliance with the law — it is also part of our core values as a company.

payments made easy

Payments Made Easy

A predictable, stable revenue cycle is critical to a healthy business, and we’ve worked hard to create a streamlined process to get you paid as fast as possible.

no fixed contracts

No Fixed Contracts, No Lock-ins

With no long-term or pesky contracts approach, you can choose the solutions that work best for you and your business – and switch to new ones if you decide to.

faster onboarding

Faster, Easier Onboarding

We take away the hassle and complexity of onboarding new partners, from setting up campaigns to integrating new demand partners, and give you the confidence that you will be in good hands.

What We Don’t Do

  • Serve low-quality ads that are brand unsafe
  • Store and share your users’ data with third-party partners
  • Inaccurate forecast about your revenue potential


Who is eligible for our monetization services?

Publishers may be eligible to join Automatad if the website’s content is original and has at least 500,000 page views per month. We work with publishers primarily from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, and India. We don’t provide services for mobile app publishers or YouTube publishers.

How long does it take to start with Automatad’s monetization solutions?

The entire implementation process — from setting up to domain whitelisting to testing, can take up to 1-2 weeks.

How do Automatad’s ad solutions affect website SEO?

Our AdOps experts come with a wealth of experience and work with publishers’ internal teams to ensure that our ads aren’t hurting the website’s search engine ranking. We thoroughly audit the website before recommending any solutions.

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