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Header Bidding

Header Bidding is an advanced programmatic technique, which enables publishers to run an auction with multiple demand partners simultaneously before sending the ad request to the server.

Why you should partner with us?



We set up and implement our technology in your own Ad Server. This, in turn, gives you more power and control over the process.


Optimization Suite

Our platform optimizes for everything, starting from network, latency, time out for bidder partners & even dynamic floor set up to make sure your impressions earns the maximum possible yield everytime.


Quick Setup

Our platform accelerates all the processes involved. From setting up bidder partners to line items in Ad server, everything will be done in no time. Furthermore, our engineering team will take care of the progress setups relieving you from extra work.


Wrapper Generator

Our wrapper generation technology use intuitive interface and simple navigation to help you generate a customized wrapper. You just have to select the bidding partners and/or add bidder adapters parameters from your partners through our interface and with a few clicks, wrapper will be ready to go live.


Bidder Adapter

If you are using any header bidding solution, you can get access to our unique demands by integrating ADX (Prebid Bidder Adapter). This connects more bidders to your inventory and increases the CPM.


Centralized and Real Reporting

Access enhanced and transparent analytics per demand source and track key stats to better manage your header bidding partners. All updated in real-time with real-data.

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