No trust in your existing monetization partners? Stuck with outdated ad technologies? Limited visibility into ad performance?

higher CPM s

It’s imperative for your website to engage with high-value audiences, but not monetizing your site to its full potential can be frustrating.

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Get higher CPMs from high-quality demand sources with our tailored, transparent solutions for your website that balance revenue and user experience seamlessly.

Increase Your Demand With a Unified Auction

Access our network of 50+ SSPs and DSPs and benefit from exclusive demand. Intensify the competition for your ad units by combining Amazon’s Transparent Ad Marketplace (TAM), Google’s Open Bidding, Prebid client-side and server-side header bidding for the highest CPMs from thousands of premium advertisers.

Avoid unfilled ad impressions from individual buyers with their own bid rates and win rates. Combine all your demand sources into a single platform to improve fill rates, bid density, and CPMs.
Avoid unfilled ad impressions from individual buyers with their own bid rates and win rates. Combine all your demand sources into a single platform to improve fill rates, bid density, and CPMs.nt. Ad vegan excepteur butcher vice lomo. Leggings occaecat craft beer farm-to-table, raw denim aesthetic synth nesciunt you probably haven't heard of them accusamus labore sustainable VHS.
Avoid unfilled ad impressions from individual buyers with their own bid rates and win rates. Combine all your demand sources into a single platform to improve fill rates, bid density, and CPMs.

Accelerate Revenue Growth
With Yield Optimization

Achieving the highest potential from your ad tech stack is a difficult undertaking. Seize revenue opportunities by integrating smart ad optimization solutions.


Prebid Wrapper

Run real-time auctions using a header bidding wrapper to gain access to a larger pool of programmatic demand. Increase competition for your ad impressions, fill rates, and get the highest CPMs.

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Active Ad Refresh

Refresh ad units that perform well with new ads while maintaining viewability and active engagement benchmarks. Increase ad impressions and revenue without adding new ad units and reloading the page.

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AMP Header Bidding Solution

Leverage the Prebid Server-to-Server solution to bring more demand and make them compete for AMP ad impressions. Get the most out of your mobile traffic with better yield management and control.

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Reduced Page Latency

Get advantage of our edge computing technology and server-to-server architecture to increase the website’s speed and performance. Get better viewability, minimal ad blocking, and higher RPMs.


Optimized Price Floors

Employ dynamic price floors and raise or lower the price based on the demand for each ad unit. Adjust your CPMs and ensure that your inventories fill up with high-quality ads.


Improved User Experience

Take out the risk of losing search traffic by delivering ads that don’t hamper the user experience on the website. Ensure that your ad revenue stays high, and your advertisers still get a great ROI—no more intrusive ads.

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Diversified Ad Formats

Serve innovative ad formats like in-stream, out-stream, sticky or anchor, and native. Improve audience engagement, enhance your revenue streams, and reduce ad clutter.

Dedicated and Transparent Account
Management Support

From answering questions to finding opportunities, we are on your side. A dedicated account manager to help you make the most of your ads and meet your revenue goals. We help you understand everything that’s happening behind the scenes of your site’s ad monetization. Assess whether a strategy is worth continuing and get suggestions for uplift in ad revenue.

Google Multiple Customer Management (MCM) Program Partner

Automatad has been hand-picked by Google for its track record of helping publishers succeed, using cutting-edge technology, dedicated adops expertise, and other value-added services.

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Why Choose Automatad

payment made easy

Payments Made

A predictable, stable revenue cycle is critical to a healthy business, and we’ve worked hard to create a streamlined process to get you paid as fast as possible.

no fixed contracts

No Fixed Contracts, No

With no long-term or pesky contracts approach, you can choose the solutions that work best for you and your business – and switch to new ones if you decide to.

faster easier onboarding

Faster, Easier

We take away the hassle and complexity of onboarding new partners, from setting up campaigns to integrating new demand partners, and give you the confidence that you will be in good hands.

What We Don’t Do

  • Serve low-quality ads that break your website and affect search performance negatively
  • Provide complex and black-box ad solutions
  • Issues in monitoring the performance of ads and demand sources


Who is eligible for our monetization services?

Publishers may be eligible to join Automatad if the website’s content is original and has at least 500,000 page views per month. We work with publishers primarily from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, and India. We don’t provide services for mobile app developers or YouTube publishers.

What are the SSPs publishers can connect with?

We help publishers connect with major demand partners, including Google Ad Exchange, Amazon, Xandr, OpenX, Pubmatic, Magnite, Sharethrough, Criteo, Sovrn, 33Across, Pulsepoint, Verizon Media, GumGum, Synacor Media, Epsilon, and 40+ other SSPs and exchanges.

What are the publishers’ categories Automatad works with?

Our ad solutions are equally effective at monetizing content for all categories. The category includes news, gaming, finance, movies, entertainment, parenting, travel and tourism, sports, food, lifestyle, technology, and other related areas.

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