Experiences at Automatad, Inc. – Marketing Intern

Automatad Work Experience

My internship at Automatad was a very enlightening experience. I interned there as a ‘content writer’ and to my good luck, I was personally guided by my marketing head Anjali Mohanan. My team included Anjali, Rasheed, and Murali. My team members were so supportive and cheerful that I had nothing to worry about, they never hesitated from clearing any of doubts and paid keen attention to all my needs. I went there as an intern but always felt like an employee, the entire Automatad fam was very welcoming and each and every member of the company was ready to help me in any way.

Automatad was about 17 kilometers from my house and I was a bit hesitant to travel so far every day but with each passing day at Automatad I learned so much about digital marketing, it was such a meaningful experience that the distance was all worth it.

As a college student with limited professional marketing experience, I got an opportunity to work on the “Becoming Series” which required me to research and create case studies of huge content publishing websites like Bleacher Report and The Financial Times which was very interesting and rewarding. I learned a lot about content strategy and how they monetized their websites and about funding etc while working on this series. Also, Rasheed helped me understand about content structure.

I not only dealt with content writing but also got to explore creative marketing where I learned how to use various tools and software and also about design.  The first thing that I was told at Automatad was that I can learn everything about digital marketing by contacting the concerned person and that made them exceptional as they were ready to teach me anything that I wish to learn.

I was awestruck with the working environment, I was always motivated and encouraged and that made me give my best at work. The marketing head or to be more precise my mentor believed in me and that’s the best thing that happened to me at Automated.

The beautiful office was an add on to my aesthetic experience, and I miss working with Automatad, I would love to go back. Interning at Automatad for a month has completely opened my eyes to how encouraging, empowering and enlightening internships can be. It also made me very interested to get into digital marketing in the future and I can’t wait to start my journey.

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