Automatad launches a Prebid Header Bidding Adapter

Automatad Prebid Adapter

At Automatad, we are always keen on learning and developing products & solutions to better the ‘Ad Tech’ landscape. Usually, we challenge ourselves to come up with a solution for the most pressing problems faced by publishers.

Last time on the line, ‘Bidder Adapters’ shown up.

And, guess what! We’ve developed and landed our own and independent Header Bidding Adapter called ‘Automatad’ on Prebid.js this week. Our adapter is on the latest version of prebid to enhance the compatibility and performance of the wrapper setup.

Main features of our Adapter include,

  1. Connecting some of the World’s largest Ad Exchanges to your inventory,
  2. Transparent reporting on ad performance, CPM, ad requests, fill rates, ad impressions and more,
  3. Supporting Multiple Ad formats, sizes, and screens,
  4. Selling Mobile and Display Impressions,
  5. Server-to-server bidding capability,
  6. One-step integration,
  7. Flexibility, and
  8. Accessing Automatad’s PMPs.

So, why did we develop our own adapter?

Because, we love to run with our goal of providing seamless, transparent and up-to-date solutions for the publishers.

And, we’ve always wanted to try and embrace the latest technologies in ‘Programmatic Media buying and selling’. We’ve adapted Ads.txt, launched Verify Ads.txt ( a platform to ensure your ads.txt file is in the right form and working as expected), and developed a Viewability Product, all in the last 6 months.

Here’s how our Adapter help publishers:

More demand:

Our adapter is capable of bringing in some of the World’s largest Ad Exchanges, Premium bidding partners, DSPs to your inventory. Furthermore, your inventory can be sold through our Private MarketPlace deals.

True Validation:

We developed the adapter to level up your ‘Header Bidding’ game. Our bidding partners’ bids will be competing against your existing bidders, which, in turn, increases the CPM of your inventory.

At the end of the day, you will be able to measure the actual worth of your inventories.


One of the essential steps to improve your yield is to optimize the inventory. Our Adapter lets you see which inventories work better and why. So, you can optimize the inventory set up and placements to drive monetization and better your user experience.

Real-Time Analysis:

We analyze and assign floor prices (dynamic) to sell each and every impression of your inventory at the highest CPM possible.  

Sounds Great! Is it hard to integrate?

No, not at all. A single line of JS goes into your wrapper setup for the bidding to start. That’s all it takes to unveil your inventory to our demand sources.

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