Here’s How We Improved Prebid This Year

Automatad Prebid

Prebid, an open-source library helping publishers implement unbiased header bidding has grown to capture tremendous market share, in just 3 years.

What are the reasons?

We say,

  1. Transparency and Unbiased Auctions and
  2. Community.

Unlike other proprietary solutions, prebid foster the ecosystem by ensuring an unbiased auction every time. In addition, it is driven by the community, which means we all can be a part of it.

At Automatad, we’ve always wanted to contribute wherever we can. From running a free ads.txt validator to programmatic decode series, we are trying to help the community.

During the last two years, monetizing AMP traffic has become a priority for publishers. With the increasing mobile traffic, there’s no doubt we all need to do our best to monetize AMP pageviews. As you know, Prebid Server and Prebid Cache Server are integral to monetize AMP (and for S2S Header Bidding, etc).

Both of the servers need to work in sync to successfully run header bidding on AMP pages. This year, we were able to contribute to the Prebid Cache Server library twice.

1. Redis Integration

We’ve integrated Redis to the prebid cache server, thus, providing the vendors with more database cache options to run with.

Prebid AMP
Source: Prebid.Org

Redis is the world’s most popular in-memory data structure server, often used as a database, a cache and a message broker.

Making prebid cache work with Redis, enables the users of prebid cache to scale their infra to handle more bid requests.

2. Friendly Monitoring Index Route

A simple yet important update to help other systems know the status of the prebid cache server. Previously, when we go through the prebid cache index route, it’ll return a 404 response.

As most system considers 404 as a system failure response, we added an index page to display a message to depict that this is a prebid cache server.

We’re sure that little contributions will eventually add up to make the technology better. And, we are excited to face the new challenges next year and kudos to everyone including you for pushing the industry towards a desirable future.  

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