PMP Deals

Premium Prices and Higher Demand
Private Marketplace

PMP Deals

Automatad-ADX is a private marketplace to sell your premium inventory to selected buyer(s) at the higher CPM. It allows you to get premium prices for your impressions and provide you benefits of both direct dealing and programmatic selling. Furthermore, our marketplace has been constructed by keeping brand safety, Ad quality, and human partnerships in mind. This, in turn, ensures you more than just the best yield.

Benefits of Private Marketplace


New Revenue

Our marketplace serves as an additional way to sell your premium inventories at scale to the best brands across the globe.


Ultimate Control

We gave you the power of control. Configure deals as per your needs, with full control over pricing, deal priority, and best-in-class ad quality filters.



Our marketplace serves as a direct bridge between you and the advertisers. Enhancing partnerships, deals can result in continuous and better ad selling and buying cycle.


Instant Support

Our PMP experts and strategists are always ready to help with the setup and optimization.

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