How Automatad’s Ad Ops Teams Support Publishers?

Automatad Ad Ops Support

As a company that helps publishers to maximize their ad revenues — we understand the importance of ad operations. Even with the best programmatic products and engaged audience, you need an ad ops team to continually optimize the setup to get to the highest possible CPMs. Especially if you run header bidding. 

As you know, in header bidding, you need to assess the demand partners, page load speed, impact on user behavior, and more. Without an ops team, you wouldn’t be able to leverage the demand effectively.

But in this post, we want to talk about how our ad ops teams work with publishers to deliver stellar Ad Ops support and services. 

Round-the-Clock Support:

When you hear from a partner that they work with publishers across the globe, the first thing that pops up on your mind is, how can they serve publishers from different time zones? That’s a valid question. In fact, as we work with publishers from the U.S, U.K, Germany, India, etc., we typically have to support/respond round-the-clock. 

Do I get Round the Clock Support?

Yes. our ad ops engineers work in different time zones. When you are in New York, you’ll have a dedicated account manager/support team available in your time zone. Regardless of where we are based, we were able to solve the customer queries and resolve technical issues in a timely manner. 

“Ramaswamy, our account manager, is super responsive and proactive when problems or questions arise,” says Garrell Simmons, CEO of Jersey Media, Inc. We have been working with Garrell for over a year now. and you can learn more about how we helped Jersey Media in this case study

Long-term Focus:

If you want to succeed in the media business, you need to think long-term. Some of our engineers have been working on the sell-side for over a decade and they have seen the advantages of focusing on long-term success rather than short-term benefits. 

From our products to the approach, everything is intended to help you maximize the revenue while preserving the user experience. After all, without users, no demand/technology can help. That’s why we don’t focus just on increasing your revenue but also on delivering a better user experience. 

How? We optimize our header bidding script for faster page load time, send bids to the right partners, assess and remove slow bidders, and the list goes on. Most importantly, we enable AXT technology that lets you monetize user attention rather than just impressions. This completely allows you to focus on quality, long-form content that engages your users. 

“Automatad helped us realise our potential by maximising ad placements and revenue, while ensuring the layout of the website remained aesthetically pleasing.”

– Ben Carney, Serious About Rugby League. 

Part of the Team:

We aren’t an outsourcing partner — not at all. To put it simply, we consider ourselves as an arm of your team that’s not working from the same office building as you are. 

Because our ad operations team has one goal — ensure the publishers win. Your goals are our goals and we prioritize, create workflows, and come up with suggestions to hit your revenue goals. Thanks to the revenue share model, only when you win, we can win. 

Most often that not, we need to work with publishers with a one or two-person ops team. So, we see it our job to become a part of that small team and ensure we all can work together towards a common goal. 

Sidenote: We create a lot of actionable strategies, micro lessons, Q&As to help answer repeated questions. All our publishers can leverage our content/insider knowledge to fix their adops issues

Extended Support:

Being part of a team means you need to accommodate unexpected changes and sometimes, adjacent tasks that aren’t in your scope of work. And, we know it.

What Kind of Support Can Your Ad Ops Team Provide?

Our team has helped several publishers to set up direct campaigns, pull advanced reports, optimize the deals to ensure better revenue, and resolve any specific queries regarding Google Ad Manager/other ad tech platforms. 

And, they also act as a consultant. Sometimes, publishers need to discuss and understand the best way to implement a campaign and we’re always a call away. 

How are we able to do it? Because we never rule out these possibilities and we expect them [questions] from publishers rather than taken by surprise. 

Dedicated Account Manager:

Will I have a Dedicated Account Manager?

All our publishers have dedicated account managers and they have access to products & services without any restrictions. To us, every publisher, regardless of the revenue, is the same. We only partner with the right publishers and we try to help them with the best-in-class products, services, and Ad Operations support. 

The only commonality b/w our publishers is the focus towards readers and quality content. 


We are always ready to take on problems. Google is phasing out the support for third-party cookies? Sure, let’s think about what can be done within the next two years to minimize the impact. 

COVID-19 slashing the revenue by 25%? Here’s how we mitigate the impact of Covid-19 on publishers Ad revenue. Let us take a look at your setup again and optimize further. There may be opportunities that are left to be captured at the moment. We have been in the business for 6+ years and worked with hundreds of publishers. We document problems, ideas, and solutions to help each other out and it works every time.  

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