What We Offer to Our Publishers?

Automatad's Publishing Partner benefits

At Automatad, we have a standard vetting process to onboard the right publishers. While we don’t restrict ourselves to a niche, we tend to partner with mid-sized publishers with an engaged audience. If you ask us why, it’s because the better the supply, the higher the quality of demand will be. So, our relationships with demand partners will only get better over time. 

Most importantly, when we add the right publisher to our customer network, we can ensure that Automatad’s platform delivers the best possible revenue — without hampering the user experience. In other words, the publisher can be rest assured that they are getting the best ad rates and ad operations services in the market. 

But if you are a publisher looking to understand how we are better (before signing up with us), then this piece is for you. We’ll discuss what we offer to our publishers and what you’ll get when you have Automatad as your monetization partner. 

Shall we begin? 

1. Products

First things first. It is true that we are one of the fast growing header bidding wrappers in the market. That doesn’t mean, we are just a heading bidding provider. We offer a suite of programmatic monetization products that helps you get the most out of a session. For instance, you can capitalize on the time users spend on your site with AXT and engage them with contextually-relevant video content.

The best part is, you don’t have to add any new script to the page. Just add a single line of JS and then you can enable/disable the products as per your needs. 

So, you get access to our ever-evolving suite of products, tools, and techniques that are proven to scale the revenue of publishers. 

2. Expertise

We invest in people and building relationships. And, that means you get to work with people who believe the same. You have access to an active group of ad operations engineers, account managers and customer success teams who are interacting with publishers just like you — day in and day out. 

They are solving the very problem you have right now and the problems you might run into, at a later point in time. They are helping the independent media publishers to scale their revenues and hit the next quarterly goals. To put it simply, we have teams that can get things done. 

As a company, we have been working on the sell-side for the last 6+ years and it gave us the opportunity to identify and build scalable plans and techniques to maximize revenues.

3. Demand Partnerships

More demand leads to more revenue, provided you have the demand partners that are actually bidding for your impressions. That’s why, Automatad connects your supply to the best demand partners, intensifying competition with active bids. 

Mid-market publishers typically find it difficult to partner with Tier one SSPs in the market and managing the partnership, keeping up with the emails chains, etc. are different stories altogether. 

“Tier one SSPs are too busy chasing tier one publishers. Frequently this means small and mid-sized publishers are left out in the cold”

–  The Drum

With us, it’s simple. We’ve built direct partnerships with the valuable demand partners and we let you leverage them. From Google Ad Exchange to AppNexus to OpenX, we sell your impressions to the best demand sources. You can continue to focus on your business. 

4. Reports

Hands down, keeping with the bidder performance, eCPM, and impressions are the first thing we would do every day. Unsurprisingly, our publishers tend to do the same. When you sign up with us, you get access to our unified analytics dashboard that consolidates and presents the performance of every bidder partner in one place. 

On top of that, our dashboard helps to understand the revenue/impressions per product and provides customizable graphs to compare and analyze the numbers from the previous time period.

You’ll always be on top of what’s happening on your site. 

5. Dedicated Support

We have never discriminated based on publisher size/revenue. In fact, we don’t need to. As we mentioned before, we only cater to a publisher with specific aspects. So, everyone is important (and the same) for us. 

We provide dedicated account managers to all our publishers. The account manager will help you hit your goals and resolve your queries through customized strategies, ongoing support and conversations. Last but not least, we don’t make recommendations without data and prior experience and we try to help you understand why we make certain decisions. 

6. Weekly Review Calls

Our weekly exploratory calls can bring in actionable insights and help our publishers to discuss what’s on their mind. Every week, we spend an hour with our publishers to see if there are any opportunities to capitalize on and to listen to their suggestions. 

Because no matter how many hours you work on the site, you can’t beat the publisher. A publisher looks at his/her site, user behavior, direct ad campaign performance, etc. all day and they would like to try something new or have a hiccup once in a while. We use the meeting as the place to exchange ideas and prepare an action plan. 

7. Future

We are an extension of your team. This means you can let a team of experts do the work and help you understand what’s ahead for you. As you know, ad tech is about to restructure itself with new standards and technologies (possibly) to transact in a cookieless environment. 

Though there are several industry initiatives and identity solutions, at the end of the day, publishers have to make the calls. With us, you can make the right calls. As a technology provider, we upgrade and contribute to such initiatives and we will help you stay ahead of the curve. 

If you are concerned about lock-ins, don’t be. There’s no long-term contract or fine print. We arm you with the right technologies and knowledge that you can use independently. 

Want to learn more about us and how we can help you? Give us a shout.

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