Incremental Ad Revenue with no hard coding and design work!


With our ‘Reflex’, you can create highly tailored, custom ad products for the users on the under-monetized pages. Our platform is capable of running and monetizing dynamic display, video, and native ad products across all devices with just one single tag. No hard coding required.



Incremental Revenue

Our technology ensures you incremental revenue by constantly identifying opportunities and creating custom ad products.


Premium Demand

Our platform works across all the major Ad Exchanges to get the maximum yield for your inventory. So, the ad products just created will earn the best possible CPM.


Highly Customizable

Ad products can be customized to fit your layout, feel, and device. Our platform automatically measures how users are interacting with them. This, in turn, lets us show the right format at the right time.


Easy Control

Our Dashboard is your central command to manage and control all the formats across the entire website on the push of a button. Flexible ad delivery options (set your floor price, utilize pass-back tags) & Control capping and optimization gives you full control of the ad experiences without having to touch your code.


Diversified Formats

We offer a variety of ad formats to monetize all types of content. Whether it is a video, an image gallery, sidebar, or footer, we just have the format for you ready.

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