Video Monetization

An end-to-end video management and monetization solution to boost your revenue.

Unlock Your Video Potential

Producing, managing, and monetizing video content is quite daunting. Well, not with us. We provide end-to-end video solutions enabling web publishers to run video content to enhance user experience and monetize it with video ads. Our cutting-edge video player, licensed video content, smart video management, creation platform, and high-yield video demand are all streamlined to maximize your revenue.

We offer integrated In-Stream video ads, fusing click-to-play and accompanying ad options with a slick video player. Our solution enhances the user experience while maximizing ad performance, creating profitable results.

Experience the power of Anchor auto-play ads that seamlessly integrate into your content. Our platform customizes the ad viewing experience based on the user’s behavior, preferences, and interaction with your site.

Our unique vertical video player makes browsing on mobile more enjoyable. We facilitate immersive vertical video experiences that resonate with your audience. 

With Prebid Video bidding, GAM Demand, and a network of 30+ SSPs, we ensure your video inventory gets the attention it deserves. Plus, our internal optimization tools increase yield, making every ad count.

A Solution Made Just for You

Our platform stands out for its holistic approach. With diverse ad formats, customizable experiences, and powerful optimization tools, we provide a solution tailored to your unique needs.

We are a Google Certified Publishing Partner

As per Google -

“The Certified Publishing Partners badge lets you know you’re working with someone who has been carefully vetted by Google. Not only have they passed Google’s product certification exams, but they’ve also established a successful track record of helping publishers like you succeed.”

Google Certified Publishing Partner

Optimize Yield,
Maximize Performance

Choosing Automatad means unlocking the power of expert-driven strategies, data intelligence, and advanced machine learning tools – all working together to help you optimize ad yield and maximize performance.

Team Expertise

Our dedicated team creates tailored strategies to optimize your ad yield because we understand that every publisher’s goal is unique and deserves a personalized approach.

Data Intelligence

We harness a multitude of real-time data streams to guide our decision-making processes, ensuring every step we take is rooted in data and directed toward your growth.

Predictive Power

Our machine learning algorithms analyze billions of anonymized data points, forecasting optimal outcomes and giving you an edge in an ever-competitive digital landscape.

Save Time.

Grow your business with our end-to-end video monetization solution. Earn more without having to do all the heavy lifting yourself.

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