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At Automatad, we believe in a mutually beneficial partnership. Our intention is to promote relationships that enable both parties to succeed and keep your audiences happy.

We aim to create a genuine setting, prioritizing value and growth for all. By teaming up with publishers who echo our values, we’re confident that we can embark on a shared growth and success journey together.


 1000+ Publishers Trust Automatad

What Makes You the Best

Your website stands out when it comes to policy compliance and brand safety. Your audience loves your original, unbiased, safe, and user-friendly content.

Your website generates impressive revenue, consistently pulling in over $3,000 each month in ad revenue. This is a testament to your significant growth and profitability opportunities.

Your website’s traffic quality is exceptional, with direct and genuine sources. Your commitment to maintaining a loyal and authentic audience base sets you apart from the competition.

What Makes Us the Best

Comprising exclusive demand partnerships and ad tech allies, our network ensures a steady stream of global advertiser demand and a commitment to brand safety.

Our service goes beyond providing cutting-edge technology. We tailor our solutions to your needs and extend our team to you. Each partner is assigned a dedicated ad ops expert, optimizing your yield and providing support whenever needed.

We are a team of data-driven account managers, ad operations professionals, machine learning experts, and data scientists. We are constantly perfecting our craft with a single goal in mind – to help you succeed.

Could We Be the Perfect Match?

If your website’s engaging content, substantial revenue, and authentic traffic set you apart, it’s time to take things to the next level. Let’s explore how our all-in-one solution can further elevate your revenue

Is Your Journey Unique? We're All Ears.

We acknowledge that not all successful websites follow the same path. If your website is unique, with immense growth opportunities and untapped potential, we’re intrigued. We’re all about exploring new possibilities with website owners passionate about growth and innovation.

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